Although not officially adopted until 2006, the mission statement “To Know Jesus Christ and to make Him Known.” has anchored Amery Free Lutheran since the beginning. For, we strive to be a community of believers committed to growing together in loving relationship with Jesus Christ, as we lead others to Him.

Our heart’s desire is that everyone who enters our doors would come to know the life-giving power found in the person of Jesus Christ, come to experience the freedom of forgiveness, the greatness of His grace, and magnitude of His mercy; experiencing the reality of eternal life and assurance of salvation.

Our vision is that people would not remain as spiritual babies, but grow into Christian maturity; to be a community growing together in Christ. Supporting, helping, serving, and learning from one another as walk together with Him.

As a people of Christ, we have been given a mission: to make Christ known. Amery Free Lutheran seeks to do that through proclaiming the Gospel of Christ through our many activities, ministries, events, and most importantly our people. It is our aim that everything we do would align with this mission, to know Jesus and make Him known.

Here, you will discover more about our church, beliefs and its ministries, but most importantly we hope that you visit us, and find Amery Free Lutheran is place where you belong.

-Pastor Eric